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Just what is the Alabama Historical Radio Society?

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Chartered by the state of Alabama as a Not for Profit Corporation

The society was founded in June of 1989 by Don Kresge, a retired General Electric engineer, to provide an opportunity for men and women of all ages to join together and persue their interest in vintage radio. Whether you enjoy listening to music of the Big Band Era, listening to old broadcasts, or actually restoring an old radio, the society has a place for you.

Programs and Activities

bulletOperate the Don Kresge Memorial Radio Museum where visitors may see and listen to radios manufactured over fifty years ago.
bulletConduct monthly meetings giving members an opportunity to participate in educational and informative programs designed to enhance the enjoyment of their hobby.
bulletArrange annual swap meets to provide opportunities for acquiring or disposing of equipment or other memorabilia.
bulletConduct formal classes on electronic restoration and cabinet refinishing for members wanting to acquire these skills.
bulletLocate and enlist young people interested in learning the technical aspects of vacuum tube radio construction and repair.
bulletPrepare and present programs for local business and civic groups to raise awareness and create interest in this vital part of our entertainment history.


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bulletAll are invited to attend, even if you know little about the restoration. Anyone curious about an old radio, the history of broadcasting or even the development of electronics will find the meetings worth a visit. We even have a few Hams among us!
bulletMembers often bring in current projects, offer tips on repair and give lectures on various topics including general radio history and vacuum tube theory!
bulletWe meet nearly every Saturday of the month at 9 AM and every 4th Monday evening at 6 PM  For directions see the map and picture below.  We are in the white one story building in the foreground.  Just to the right of the building is the parking lot. 
Parking is free in this Alabama Power Visitors lot.


Meeting dates and times are generally consistent however if you are not sure, especially if the weekend is around a holiday then contact us for confirmation.
The first Saturday of the month there are electronics classes free to members. Topics include test equipment, Resistors and Capacitance testing. Inductors and coil winding to name only a few subjects!

We hope to see you there!

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