Alabama Historical Radio Society Mission Statement

                             Founder Don Kresge in his shop on the southside of Birmingham

Objectives as Articulated by Our Founder, Don Kresge:

To promote the preservation and restoration of antique radios, training aids, manuals and repair bulletins and antenna related tools and equipment associated with them, including all things related to the electronics industry.

To advance the need for the members and the general public to search out, locate and preserve an important segment of American history that is in real danger of being lost forever.

To establish a working library for future generations, preserving the technology, technical literature, service data, catalogs and the textbooks - old and new- which relate to the early development of radio.

To promote, educate and generate an appreciation of this electronic marvel whose development had and continues to have, the single most influencing impact upon all the people of the world. Without the development of radio, there would be only one means of mass communications-the spoken word.